Help Patients Find You for Your Trials, Study or Practice

Referrals are great. However, referrals by themselves are generally not enough. Prospective patients are searching online right now. The question is, will they find you? If they don’t, then how can they even consider you? To them, your practice, your trial or study – you simply don’t exist.

Using the Internet to Recruit Patients

Thousands of studies, hospitals and practices recruit patients using the Internet. More than 85% of people use the internet regularly. They’re already searching … you need to ask yourself: who are they finding?

Engage Patients When They Are Motivated

The best person to reach is someone who is interested.

The challenge with radio, TV and print ads is that 99.9% of the market is not interested – yet you are paying for them to ignore your ads. The patients who are most likely to be interested are those who are searching for information right now about what you offer them.

Ask yourself this … if you’re conducting a study on migraine patients, do you want the whole population of Atlanta or just those people in Atlanta who suffer migraines and are currently looking for new treatments?

The answer is obvious. The solution is search.