How Will You Meeting Your Recruiting Goals within Budgets? What Happens to Your Study, Trial or Practice if You Fail?

People are Searching for Everything

Patients, their spouses, children, friends and even doctors are searching online. They’re searching for diseases, conditions, treatments, studies and medications.

They’re already searching. The only question is… Will they find you as an option?

Patients Must Find You to Consider You

Google now receives BILLIONS of searches every day. Many searches return millions of relevant pages, and people only look at the top 10-20. When someone is searching for a doctor, a study or a trial, how will they find you?

We Help Qualified Patients Find You

Search Campaigns are Inexpensive and Highly Effective Ways to Find Patients and Participants

Rather than blanketing a market with TV, radio and print ads, you need to target the people who are actually interested. A television advertisement may be broadcast in prime time and seen by 100,000 viewers, and if 50 of those viewers are interested, you paid to reach 99,950 who were not.

Direct mail isn’t much better … with a typical mail piece costing $2 to $4 to send (between printing, list rental, graphic arts, postage, sorting, etc.) and an average response of 0.5%, you have a cost per response of $400 – $800!

What if you could target and pay for just those who are interested?

Help Patients and Study/Trial Participants Find You, for as little as $5.00

With search campaigns, you only pay for the people who respond to your advertisements, and each response costs as little as $5.00. That is just 1/100th the cost of traditional media. You can literally multiply your responses.

Localized Needs? Multi-Location Studies? No Problem

Our search campaigns can be geographically targeted, down to the state, county and even town level. By doing this, we pull from the geography you choose, so you don’t waste your marketing efforts on people who are physically too far from you to participate.

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    Save Over 90% on Your Recruiting Costs With Less Risk and More Control

    With an online search campaign, you can recruit people for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.
    Why? Because you only pay for people who respond and not the rest of the world.

    Consider this example:

    • # of Ads Shown
    • Website Visitors
    • Cost
    • Cost Per Visitor
    Search Engine
    • 10,000 searches
    • 150
    • $997.00
    • $6.65
    • 100,000 listeners
    • 20
    • $3,500.00
    • $175.00
    • 100,000 readers
    • 15
    • $3,000.00
    • $200.00
    Direct Mail
    • 2,000 pieces
    • 10
    • $4,000.00
    • $400.00

    With search, you’re literally paying pennies on the dollar to get the same results!

    TV, Radio, Print & Direct Mail are Expensive & Less Effective

    Traditional media is in a panic over the Internet. Traditional media is expensive and inefficient at bringing in new patients. They target the entire population, trying to find that 1 in 1000 who are interested. The problem is that you pay for everyone, whether they are interested or not. With search, you only pay for the 1 in 1000 – the other 999 are free!

    Search is the only media where you pay for actual interest only – people who saw your message, read it, decided to visit your website and then came in to your website. Those who read your ad but did not come in cost you nothing.

    What would you rather pay for – hundreds of thousands of people who ignore your ad, or a small handful of people who are interested?

    Recruit Patients Locally, Regionally or Nationally

    When you promote your practice, study, trial or hospital in search, you choose the geography:

    • Recruit within X miles of your zip code
    • Recruit within a list of towns
    • Recruit county or state wide
    • Recruit in multiple discrete locations
    • Recruit nationwide

    Do not be concerned that people from outside your area will contact you. With our systems and processes, we ensure that you are promoting to people within your target market and not outside.

    With search, you choose the parameters of the campaign. You do not have to worry that your listings will be seen nationwide and you will “receive millions of clicks.” It simply doesn’t work that way.

    You Have Total Control Over the Budget

    In addition to geographic targeting, we set daily budget constraints. Suppose your budget is $100/day; once that budget cap is reached, the campaign is placed on hold until the next day. This ensures that your budget goals are respected and avoids the risk associated with large traffic spikes. You will not spend more than you’ve allowed.

    There is No Obligation – Cancel at Any Time

    We’re so confident in our services that you can cancel at any time on 30 days written notice. We know, particular with studies and trials, that needs change quickly. You are not locked into any long term commitments, except that we’ll work hard, as long as you allow us to, to help you reach your goals.

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