Don’t Worry – You Won’t Be Reaching the Entire World

When you promote your practice, study, trial or hospital in search, you choose the geography:

  • Recruit within X miles of your zip code
  • Recruit within a list of towns
  • Recruit county or state wide
  • Recruit in multiple discrete locations
  • Recruit nationwide

Do not be concerned that people from outside your area will contact you. With our systems and processes, we ensure that you are promoting to people within your target market and not outside.

Recruit Patients Locally, Regionally or Nationally

With search, you choose the parameters of the campaign. You do not have to worry that your listings will be seen nationwide and you will “receive millions of clicks.” It simply doesn’t work that way.

You Control the Budget

In addition to geographic targeting, we set daily budget constraints. Suppose your budget is $100/day; once that budget cap is reached, the campaign is placed on hold until the next day. This ensures that your budget goals are respected and avoids the risk associated with large traffic spikes.