Week 4: Media Plan

In this fourth & final week of new material, we are focused on the media planning stage.  Specifically, we go back, review the needs of people, the needs of your program, and use checklists to organize up a media strategy.

We cover analyzing the needs, the website, and pulling that information into the development & optimization of the Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns.

Finally, we circle back to review an approach I recommend that helps ensure maximum results by tuning every step of the process, from attracting visitors to completed lead form submissions.

PDF File:  Download Week 4 Checklist

Total Video Time: Approximately 52 minutes


Part 4.1 – Preliminary Analysis

In this short video, we cover the target audience, metrics and acquisition costs – things that you must know before designing any campaign.
Video Length: 4:44

Part 4.2 – Website Checklist

As we’ve emphasized throughout the course, the website is the most overlooked aspect of most online and offline media campaigns.  It makes no sense to spend $1000’s to $100,000’s to attract people if the website sends them running away.  Go through this checklist, adjust the site as necessary and, ideally, create copies of the page with different tracking codes in forms and different phone numbers so you can track different advertising efforts (Google, Facebook, offline, etc.)
Video Length: 8:09

Part 4.3 – Google AdWords Launch Checklist

This video creates a checklist of items you need to do in order to design and <u>launch</u> an effective AdWords pay-per-click advertising campaign.
Video Length: 9:50

Part 4.4 – Google AdWords Optimization Checklist

This video talks about what to do with a campaign once it is up and running.  We look at optimization, bidding and more..
Video Length: 6:16

Part 4.5 – Facebook Campaign Creation

This video dives into the construction of your Facebook campaign, with valuable checklists and guides.  Follow these processes to get your campaign live, and refer back to Week 3 videos for more details on specific steps.
Video Length: 4:30

Part 4.6 – Facebook Campaign Optimization

Once Facebook is up and running, the next step is optimization.  We focus on driving more traffic at an effective cost, better defining interest groups and more.  Remember to keep your ads “fresh” and when response rates start to drop, it is time to create some new ads!
Video Length: 7:33


Part 4.7 – Final Thoughts

First, I want to thank you for taking this journey with us.  I hope you’ve received a lot of value from this.  In this final video, we hammer on the concept that marketing is a process, starting with a need, ending with a lead (form submit or phone call).  Everything along the way impacts your results.  Don’t focus on just one item in the process – improvements in each area will have a multiplying effect on your results!

Reminder: We will have the Q&A call on Thursday, and will then have another bonus Q&A call in a few weeks.  Once you have had a chance to digest the material and implement some of what we have taught, we will then let you come back with questions specific to any challenges or issues you may face.

Again, thank you for participating in our course – it was our pleasure to work with you!

Video Length: 10:15

Week 4 – Q&A Call