Week 3: Facebook Training

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These videos covered what is needed to research & get started with Facebook.  We cover opening the account, creating the ads and targeting the audience.  We wrap up with tracking your results & optimization.

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Total Video Runtime:  Approximately 84 Minutes


Part 3.1 – Overview of the Week

A quick overview covering the topics of the week and layout out a roadmap for the Facebook portion of the course.
Video Length: 1:57

Part 3.2 – Facebook Tour

In this video we do a tour of Facebook, focusing on advertisements appearing on Facebook.  We look at and compare newsfeed ads to sidebar (“side”) ads.
Video Length: 4:19

Part 3.3 – Components of Newsfeed & Sidebar Ads

In this video we focus on two ads – one from a newsfeed and one from the sidebar.  We get into the components of the ads and highlight the features of each.
Video Length: 4:49

Part 3.4 – Define Needs, Create Ads

Before creating your ads, you really need to assess your needs.  What is the study about?  Who are you targeting?  Where are they located?  What do you want them to do?  You must define these things before creating any ads.
Video Length: 18:52

Part 3.5 – Creating Your Facebook Account

Here we give you a tour of the Ad Manager – their advertising dashboard, and show you how to open your Facebook advertiser account.
Video Length: 10:16

Part 3.6 – Creating Ads & Defining Targets

In this video we focus on ad creation and defining your target audience – two of the most critical steps in advertising with social media.
Video Length: 23:56

Part 3.7 – Pricing, Bids, Optimizing & Conversion Tracking

In this video we concentrate on bidding & prices.  We look at the strategies to optimize the campaign to maximize results.  We also dive into conversion tracking, for those who are able to track actions (such as the completion of a website form).
Video Length: 10:38

Part 3.8 – Reports & Campaign Review

This final video walks you through reporting and guides you through reviewing the performance of your campaign.
Video Length: 9:54

Q&A Session Week 3

Live Webinar: 19 minutes  (Audio starts at 12 second mark)