Part 2: Google AdWords

In Week 2 we are focusing on Google Adwords – the largest search engine on the internet.  We will cover concepts of search, researching and building keyword lists, writing ad copy, opening an account, getting your info into your account, and optimizing your account.

Below are two Excels used in one of the tutorials.  The first one is the exact Excel used in the video with sample data.  The second is a blank template, with headings and room for you to add your own data.

NOTE:  If videos seem slow to start, your browser may be trying to download the whole video before playing.  Be patient – we host on Amazon S3 – the biggest and fastest cloud network on the Internet.  Rest assured, the videos will load!

Total Video Runtime:  Approximately 2 hours 10 minutes


Part 2.1 – Intro to Google AdWords

In this video we cover the basics of Google AdWords and give you a sense of how this hybrid search engine / advertising tool really works.
Video Length: 10:08

Part 2.2 – Core Targeting & Strategy

In this video we are going a little deeper, into the concepts of targeting a market and using the right keywords to find those people with the right interests.
Video Length: 12:52

Part 2.3 – Getting Started with AdWords

In Part 3, we deal with the fundamental structures in a Google AdWords account:

  • Campaigns
  • AdGroups
  • Keywords
  • Ad Copy

The main focus is on Campaigns, AdGroups and AdCopy.  Keywords are covered deeply in the next video.

Video Length: 14:00

Part 2.4 – AdWords Keywords

In Video 4, we focus on selecting the right keywords, using different tools and techniques to find keywords, and how to properly organize them into AdGroups.
Video Length: 17:17

Part 2.5 – Launching a Campaign

Here we log into and begin creating & configuring your new account and campaigns.  We recommend creating your accounts in the browser on their site, so  you can choose from a range of distribution and geographic options.

For larger campaigns, it is easier to ad Keywords, Ads and AdGroups using a desktop software tool in a later video called AdWords Editor.  However, you still need to know how to use for some of the finer adjustments and small edits.

Video Length: 2:56

Part 2.6 – Building Campaigns, AdGroups & Keywords in Excel

The easiest way to design your campaign is in Excel.  You can use any other spreadsheet, but we used Excel in this video.  The concept is identical regardless of which spreadsheet software you use.

While we forgot to mention it in the video, one of the nice things about an Excel is you can design your account with Campaigns, AdGroups, Ads & Keywords, and give the Excel to your IRB to review and approve.

Once approved, you can then take that info and add it to your account via the browser interface at or using AdWords Editor software.

Video Length: 15:02

Part 2.7 – Building Ad Text (Creatives) in Excel

In this video we discuss writing your ad text (titles/headlines and descriptions) using Excel.  This is a convenient way to write short bits of text in a structured way.

The Excel we provide you (at the top of this page) is formatted with the columns you will need.  It also includes extra columns to count the length of the headlines and description lines to make sure you comply with Google’s limits:

  • Titles (aka Headlines):  25 Character Maximum
  • Description Line 1 :  35 Character Maximum
  • Description Line 2 :  35 Character Maximum
Video Length: 08:46

Part 2.8 – Adding Your Keywords and Ads to Adwords via Browser and AdWords Editor

Part 8 is broken into two videos, dealing with adding content to AdWords via the browser, as well as adding content via AdWords editor.
Part 1:  Uploading & Configuring Information @ AdWords Website – Video Length: 20:20
Part 2:  Using AdWords Editor (Desktop Software)  –  Video Length: 24:17

Part 2.9 – Bidding & Optimization Tips

The final video – Part 9 – deals with bidding and optimization tips.  Here we focus on best practices to amplify the results of successful keywords, and reduce bids on (or eliminate completely) ineffective keywords.
Video Length: 15:17

Q&A Session Week 2

Approximately 35 minutes