Week 1:  Building Engaging Web Content

The web page is one of the most overlooked portions of advertising & marketing campaigns.  Organizations spend thousands and millions of dollars to drive traffic to their website, yet many sites do not convert visitors into patients.

If you could double your results by either (1) spending double the budget, or (2) improving the web page to convert better, which would you choose?

In these videos we look at the web page, and exactly what you need to do in order to get better results from the same media spend.

Total Course Videos for Week: Approximately 56 minutes


Video 1.1: Why Engagement Matters

In this first video we overview the training program and indicate the breakdown of topics for the course.

We then jump into the topic of why engagement matters.  We look at the impact that the web page has on your success and set the groundwork for subsequent videos.

Video Length: 06:55

Video 1.2:  Get Attention on the Web Page

Website visitors today have the attention span of a goldfish.  It is sad but true.

The average visitor to your website will spend a mere 3-6 seconds deciding if they want to stay on your web page or click the back button to return to Google, Bing, Yahoo or Facebook.

This means you have 3 seconds to catch their attention and convince them they should stay on your page and read.

In this video we discuss what goes into capturing their attention and ways to get them to engage.

Video Length: 19:20

Video 1.3: Engaging with Strong Content to Get a Response

At this stage, we’ve convinced the site visitor to stay past the 3-6 second window.  Now what?  How do we engage them so they stay and read the whole page and, as discussed in Video 4, take action?

This video gets into the content of the page, the thought process of someone visiting your page, and how to engage them with compelling content.

At this point, we are focused on the “content” – the words and images that will eventually make up your web page.  In the next video we focus on laying out the page in a way that engages them and gets them to take action.

Video Length: 11:46

Video 1.4: Layout of the Web Page

In Video 4, we discuss the layout of the web page.  What do you need to do in order to make it engaging?  The ultimate goal is to get them to take action.  Will your page inspire them to stay or send them running?

We look at examples of the bad, identify what to avoid, and focus on what to do “right” to increase user engagement and, ultimately, your results.

Video Length: 19:07

Q&A Session Week 1

(Audio Starts at approximately 8 seconds into video)