About Patient Recruitment Online

For more than 12 years, we’ve helped clients ranging from medical practices to ecommerce use the internet to attract more business. Our experts help companies like yours to find patients using the internet.

If you are:

  • Just starting on the web or have online experience,
  • Starting to search for patients or want to improve your current efforts,
  • Conducting a study or trial, operating a practice or running a hospital, or
  • Simply need to outsource this complicated process

… then we’re the group you need to speak with.

Who is a better prospect than someone who is searching right now for exactly what you offer?


  1. You will target just those interested in the subject of your study

  2. You choose your geographic targeting by state, county, city, or zip code

  3. You will stop paying for the 99.9% that have no interest

  4. Pay only for interested people looking to participate

  5. The advertising is free – you only pay for those who click through

  6. Run campaign at a fixed cost

  7. Adjust your campaign real time to meet your recruitment goals

  8. Pause and reactivate the campaign as needed, depending on recruitment activity

  9. No Long Term Contracts

  10. End the campaign when you meet your recruitment goals


founder01Christopher Ulrich, CEO

Christopher Ulrich began marketing online in 1994. Over the last 15 years, he’s helped hundreds of clients, ranging from Cingular & Citibank to Orvis, Pitney Bowes & NBTY.

Chris pioneered the first internet advertising arbitrage system, automating optimizing online marketing strategies with real-time adjustments to clients’ campaigns.

Chris holds a Juris Doctorate degree from St. John’s University, degrees in computer science and mathematics from Hofstra University, and is a licensed broker.

Chris is married with three children and enjoys swimming, golf and the occasional Texas Hold’em tournament in his “free time.”

founder02Edward Golod

A performance expert, Ed has lead companies in deploying hunter-based consultative sales and recruiting processes. With 27 years experience, he advises clients on how to build stronger recruitment programs by optimizing their online strategies and processes.

Ed’s value and successes have also been delivered at exceptional levels while at SAS Institute, Microsoft, and helping to build two (2) successful IT and software start ups.

He holds a BA from the State University of New York, with a first ever degree in Sales and Chemistry; with business training in Gap analysis, ROI realization, Marketing Automation, Scoring models and Data Mining.

neilNeil Barba

For more than eight years, Neil has been working on programs designed to do one thing: help clients bring in greater results.

In the patient recruitment space, this means attracting targeted candidates for studies. Clear messaging and easy-to-follow websites help qualified candidates find you faster. It also discourages those who are not qualified from applying – cutting down on your screening costs and time.

In his spare time, Neil enjoys hanging out with his friends and going to the beach.

founder02Kim Pace

For the last eleven years, Kim has worked closely with a wide range of clients. Her expertise is in developing and implementing specific strategies designed to hone-in and target specific types of prospective patients for your needs.

Prior to joining the team in 2004, Kim was responsible for the online marketing campaigns of American Home Mortgage – who was one of the largest mortgage companies in the industry – prior to the mortgage industry crash in 2008.

Kim is an outstanding photographer with a fantastic eye. When not behind the lens, she loves spending time with her kids and their 800 sports.

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